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Graphene Producer Member
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The Graphene Producers Council focuses on the promotion of a sustainable and viable market for graphene. In particular, the Graphene Producers Council will concentrate on;

  • Market Development - To promote and support the development of a viable market for graphene and related materials. This includes collecting market information and intelligence, developing promotional communications to inform market participants and providing information to graphene producers that will help them to develop demand for their products.  
  • Standards - To influence the development of industry defined and agree standards that apply to the definition and description of all characteristics of graphene, graphene production and graphene composite materials including agreed nomenclature, physical, chemical, mechanical, electrical and other applicable properties. This will be achieved primarily through the membership of The Graphene Council in the ANSI / ISO Technical Committee (TC) 229 Nanotechnologies and the IEC TC 113 Standards Development Groups.
  • Health and Safety Regulations - To monitor and to influence the legal frameworks that currently apply or that are being created that will affect the manufacture, sale, distribution, trade and use of graphene and materials or products of graphene.
  • Staffing Solutions - To provide a job board that helps to match qualified scientists , production specialist and other key staff with growing graphene producer companies. 

Membership in the Graphene Producers Council is open to dedicated graphene material producers (these are companies that solely or primarily produce graphene and graphene like substances for sale to 3rd parties) and to companies that functionalize, manipulate, add value or create intermediary, bulk products using graphene.

Dues are USD 2,500 per annum based on a fixed calendar year starting 1 January 2016*. Only graphene producing companies that have paid their membership fee in full are entitled to a vote. Votes are allocated 1 vote per paid member company. 


Join today and your company will receive a complimentary copy of the 2015 Bulk Graphene Pricing Report, a $1,800 value! 

  • Understand which markets are the best candidates for the industrial scale use of graphene
  • Discover current market price points for different forms of graphene materials
  • Learn what price points will be needed for graphene to compete effectively with existing materials in targeted markets

*Members joining now will have their membership extended until 31 December 2016.