AntiTrust, Competition
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AntiTrust Statement
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The Graphene Council’s policy is to fully comply with all international, national and local antitrust laws and regulations. Antitrust laws have been created to foster fare and legitimate competition and to prohibit market distorting collusion and other prohibited practices. 


Participants in any meeting that is convened by The Graphene Council, whether in-person or virtually, are required to comply with proper anti-trust behaviors. Failure to comply may result in immediate expulsion. This is for the protection of The Graphene Council, its members and for the industry. 


Prohibited Activities

Members and meeting participants shall NOT engage in the following activities at any time (whether in a formal meeting or informally);

    • Sharing of information that is not publicly available and can include:
      • proprietary prices, price trends, timing of price changes, costs of common inputs, margins, terms of sale, discounts, rebates, promotional programs or incentives.
    • Fixing or setting prices for selling products or services;
    • Allocating geographic markets or customers between or among competitors;
    • Bid rigging, bid rotation, or otherwise distorting the bid process;
    • Boycotting customers, suppliers or vendors;
    • Agreeing upon levels of production or output;
    • Conspiring to exclude competitors or customers from the market; and
    • Discussing specific R&D, sales or marketing plans, or any company’s confidential product, development, or production strategies.

Allowed Activities

    • Discussion of industry-wide activities and concerns.
    • Exchange of information on new developments in the industry.
    • Promotion of markets for the industry as a whole.
    • Development of standards for noncompetitive items for voluntary use by industry members.
    • Development of common approach to legislative and regulatory matters.
    • Industry statistics or information that is publicly available.