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Registry of Verified Graphene Producers™ & Products™
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 2019 APR  2022 MAR

Versarien uses proprietary materials technology to create innovative engineering solutions that are capable of having game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.

Versarien is the first company in the world to pass the rigorous Verified Graphene Producer™ program administered by The Graphene Council. This involves an in-person inspection of graphene production facilities, analysis of random samples of graphene products and independent testing and characterization of the material by internationally recognized and qualified labs, such as the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in the UK. 







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2019 DEC 2022 MAR


MediaDevil’s CB-01 earphones are The Graphene Council's first Verified Graphene Product™. The inclusion of Nanene® graphene from Versarien in the CB-01’s audio diaphragm enabled simultaneous optimisation of both the high and low-end audio frequencies. 


From FORBE'S: "The detail the CB-01 earphones managed to squeeze from the music was captivating. These are remarkable."  "...The CB-01 earphones from MediaDevil are a revelation. They are the first pair of graphene-coated earphones that made me sit up and take notice."