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Bulk Graphene Pricing Report 2017
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Bulk Graphene Pricing Report 2017

Updated and Expanded with current price trends and more in-depth coverage!

The 2017 edition is a detailed report on the current pricing of bulk graphene materials which encompass the various commercial grades of nano-to-micron scale flake graphene or “platelets” as opposed to continuous monolayer films.

Bulk graphene materials have wide reaching applications for large-scale use as an industrial commodity. As such, understanding price drivers and gaining accurate pricing information is critical for successfully exploiting graphene as either a producer or end-user of the material. 

Do you understand the current and future graphene markets?  

Opportunities for graphene commercialisation have been looked at for new market applications and pre-existing markets (by replacing incumbent materials). Bulk applications of graphene in large volume industrial materials are the (relatively) low hanging fruit here.

Fullerex has produced a well researched report that looks at several of these industrial materials with a range of prices spanning some three orders of magnitude. Initially, producers will want to focus on high value, low volume applications to maximise margins, and scale up as production costs come down. As the market matures and more producers are able to match the competition, applications within a particular price point become saturated.

Producers will need to achieve several key targets in order to successfully commercialise graphene which have been highlighted in this report.

Crucially, by understanding the market and determining their true competitors, along with relevant industrial applications for their materials, producers can position themselves strongly with appropriate pricing that can help unlock these opportunities. 

Buyers and users of graphene can better understand where this material fits in their product development and sourcing pipelines. 


Why should you order the 2017 Bulk Graphene Pricing Report? 

This is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and insightful report available on the current bulk graphene material market.  

Available EXCLUSIVELY through The Graphene Council!

  • 76 pages, 32,128 words, 15 tables, 36 diagrams, 3 images
  • Data on production volumes for largest 30 graphene producers
  • Updated list of 142 graphene producers, including country, product types and manufacturing method
  • Significant additions in Thermoplastics, 3d printing sections, with updates and additions to all industrial application sections, including Tyre and Rubber.

For Graphene Producers:

  • Understand which markets are the best candidates for the industrial scale use of graphene
  • Discover current market price points for different forms of graphene materials
  • Learn what price points will be needed for graphene to compete effectively with existing materials in targeted markets

For Graphene Buyers and Users:

  • Gain transparency into current market prices for different forms of graphene materials
  • Discover which markets are viable for graphene as a competitive, functional material
  • Improve your knowledge and negotiating position when sourcing bulk graphene materials


Terms and Conditions 

Pricing: $1,900 (plus VAT if applicable). 

NOTE: Get an exclusive Graphene Council discounted price for Professional and Academic members. Order through The Graphene Council and your price is just $1,600 (plus VAT if applicable). 

NOTE: This offer only available from The Graphene Council. 

*Includes unlimited multi-user access per company.  76 Pages PDF 

Order now and download your report!