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Graphene Council Standards Task Force
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The Graphene Council Standards Task Force 


The mission of The Graphene Council is to be the leading platform for people and companies that are interested in the research, development and application of graphene world-wide. 

Founded in September 2013, more than 20,000 researchers, scientists, students and graphene commercial professionals have already joined. It is the fastest growing community for news, networking, information sharing and connecting about graphene. 


The Graphene Council is a formal member of the ISO/ANSI TC 229 Nanotechnology Standards Development Group as well as the USNC Technical Advisory Group to IEC TC 113, Nano-Electrotechnologies. Our focus is on the development of standards that will benefit suppliers, buyers and users. Clear standards will foster greater adoption of graphene and graphene related products. 

The objective of The Graphene Council Standards Task Force is to develop a set of peer reviewed standards for graphene and closely related materials that will facilitate the ability of producers and users of these materials to have confidence in the level of performance on a consistent and measurable basis. 

We will work through the existing international standards committees to influence and shape the development of globally applicable standards for graphene materials.  

Participation on The Graphene Council Standards Task Force

Participation in the work of The Graphene Council Standards Task Force is on a voluntary (non-compensated) basis and is available to members of The Graphene Council only.

The Graphene Council will provide the infrastructure and host a virtual discussion group where we will share documents and information. Volunteers will have the benefit of contributing to and shaping the standards and will be officially recognized for their contributions.

Scope of Work

We anticipate that The Graphene Council Standards Task Force will tackle the following areas:

Physical characteristics - Define which physical attributes are relevant and agree how they apply to the materials in question (dimensions, form, purity, hardness, etc.).

Nomenclature - Agree a standard way of referring to materials that reflects their defined properties, methods of production or other major characteristics. (Completed as ISO/TS 80004-13:2017(en)
Nanotechnologies — Vocabulary — Part 13: Graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials

Measurement methodologies, equipment and tolerances - Agree which methods, equipment and tolerances will be used to assess or verify the characteristics of the materials.

Electrical properties - Define the electrical characteristics that are relevant to graphene and related materials (resistance, Hall effect, etc.) and which properties  and ranges of performance correspond to the defined materials. 

Mechanical properties - Define the relevant mechanical properties (tensile strength, stress, strain) and assign which properties and ranges of performance correspond to the defined materials.

Chemical properties - Identify which chemical properties are relevant and assign these properties to the agreed definitions of the materials, including derivative products (such as functionalized vs non-functionalized material)  

Method of production - Identify and define the most common industry production methodologies. 

Batch numbers and traceability - Agree a common approach to be able to track individual production batches of material in order to provide traceability for health, safety and quality purposes. 

Standardized symbols/labeling and quality assays - Agree a standard approach to the labeling of the materials to easily, clearly and consistently reflect the underlying characteristics of the materials. 

The Graphene Council Standards Task Force will meet periodically by virtual means (telecons and video meetings) Drafts of standards documents will be circulated for review and comment between meetings.

By volunteering to participate in the work of The Graphene Council Standards Task Force, individuals and their employers acknowledge that any standards, content or publications that are a result of the The Graphene Council Standards Task Force activities or of The Graphene Council are the sole and exclusive property of The Graphene Council and/or the standards bodies that own the underlying content. 

Participation in the work of The Graphene Council Standards Task Force should be treated as confidential and is subject to the sole discretion of The Graphene Council. It is the exclusive responsibility of The Graphene Council to publish results, reports or to solicit public comment on draft or accepted standards definitions.  

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