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Verified Graphene Product ™
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The Verified Graphene Product Program 

The hype surrounding graphene has spawned high expectations as well as a number of products and applications that claim to contain genuine graphene materials. Because graphene is a nanomaterial that is impossible to verify without the use of sophisticated procedures and equipment, the public and business customers can never be certain that products claiming to benefit from graphene are genuine.

As a result, The Graphene Council has created the Verified Graphene Product program to help reputable graphene companies, and their customers, to differentiate their graphene enabled products from the competition.


The Graphene Council Verification Program is based on the most recent developments of globally recognized graphene standards, surveys of graphene producers, researchers and users, as well as analysis of commercially available graphene products, and is an important step in providing customers and end-users a degree of confidence that products that claim to use graphene have been independently verified.


If you are interested in our Verified Graphene Productprogram, contact us today for a confidential discussion. 


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